“and finally, the brilliance of a beneficial and resplendent sun, all it does create in its magnificence on flowering meadows, in forests and in the seas, -is not all this deserving of our attention?....” Lomonosov. Treatise on the Origin of Light

A subtle way to call attention to the fleeting landscape and connect with humanity, Songs For The Coming Daylight  is both a record and snapshot of time. Employing a simple gesture of participation, a whistle is the catalyst and carrier of sound. 

Whistling is breath and music combined, performed by ones own volition it relaxes and creates balance in both the body and mind. There is a science to breathing and whistling is pure art which speaks to the soul. We live by breath and light. Light is substance. It is a power station, its prominence gives us energy and vitality while breath is life.

This sonic collage of whistles are interwoven with sounds observed in nature. Stimulating, providing energy and vigor or invoking relaxation and peace.

This recording was broadcast and situated throughout the town of Seyðisfjörður at 2 locations readily available to uplift spirits, entice, and intrigue. On Lónsleira at the pier a large boulder was lit up, mysterious whistles and birdsongs emanted from the rock. Off Ránargata behind the blue church within a meager stand of pine trees trills of new breaths and windsongs carried the light.  

The LP of this recording is 1:00:01, intended to be played continously for as long as the return of daylight on the 20th of February in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland for the List i LJosi, Art by Light festival, roughly 8hrs. 

“As long as there is light in the day there will be joy, a sensual transmission of utter delight.”